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The Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes
Lori Reid/Paperback/1997
$15.96 Order

Are you a dragon or ox? A tiger or a dog? A rat or a rooster? According to the Chinese system of horoscopes each of us is born under a different animal sign depending on the year of our birth. Practical, comprehensive and fascinating, The Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes reveals how a Chinese animal sign can determine a personís character and its consequent effect on emotional make-up, family life, health and relationships. Lavishly illustrated throughout, this superb guide explains the history behind this fascinating divinatory system, the workings of the Chinese horoscope, how the hour of your birth affects your fortune, the different animal personalities, compatibility with other animal signs the correlation of the animal signs with those of Western astrology, predictions and prospects for every sign for the next twelve years including the year 2000 (through 2007).

Crossing the Threshold: The Astrology of Dreaming (Arkana Contemporary Astrology)
Linda Reid/Paperback/1998
$10.36 Order

The Day You Were Born: A Journey to Wholeness Through Astrology and Numerology
Linda Joyce/Paperback/1998
$10.36 Order

Do It Yourself Astrology: A User-Friendly Guide to Your Personality
Lyn Birbeck/Paperback/1997
$10.36 Order

Feng Shui Astrology: Using 9 Star Ki to Achieve Harmony & Happiness in Your Life
Jon Sandifer/Paperback/1997
$9.606 Order

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